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Professional Content Creation

Creating drool-worthy content is just the beginning of your new Social Media accounts. Our Photographers, Videographers and Graphic Designers team up with our Strategy Team to create content designed to increase traction on all platforms.

Strategy Manager

Every client will be assigned their own specific Strategy Manager, striving to reach your monthly goals. All are highly equip with advanced digital tools combined with years of study in Social Media Marketing.

Monthly Analytics

Let your results do the talking. Each month, your designated Strategy Manager delivers detailed analytic report of WHO is engaging with your business, the statistics of where your money is being spent and the results achieved.


Why Managed Social Media?

Social Media has become significant over the last decade. We all saw it bringing to life a new marketing platform – the most powerful in terms of efficacy and reach! The beauty of Social Media boils down to how influential it is, and the fact is that anyone can operate the basics.Though we see this as a massive flaw. So massive that we constructed an entire company around it! Everyone can freely use Social Media and it has made it congested, and low-quality content.

Next to this body of the text is a photo of Times Square at night with over 50 advertisements on it. Can you recall any of them without checking? Probably one or even none? It’s natural, it’s just too overwhelming for an everyday consumer.

We are taking your Social Media to the next level with the excellent content that stands out over all your competitors. Our Strategy Managers put your ads in front of the right people with consistency to ensure your business keeps growing online every single day. 

Our Services

All of your marketing needs under one agency!

'In order to avoid disappointment and money loss learn to manage your Social Media rightly. Otherwise, it's best to engage specialists in order to avoid making mistakes, which could be lethal to your company's image'.

‘The only constant is change happens to be the contemporary motto. No one knows it better than us. Social Media beats the lightning in constant evolution, so keeping the track became a full-time job'.

'Don't forget to be consistent in your Social Media performance, if you want to keep away from a progressive online disappearance. Strengthen the uniqueness of your online appearance and stabilize regularity of your Social Media efforts by hiring specialists in the field'.

It's not about doing a lot, it's all about the strategy. This is the second level of Social Media use, which achievement is provided by tools which we happily possess. Blindly churning out fan pages, posts and tweets make you waste huge amounts of important resources such as time and money. Let yourself trust us, and you won't believe what will begin to happen out there'.

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Socialite is a Sydney-based Social Media Marketing Agency whose objective is to help businesses, with the use of dedicated Social Media tools. We live for changing your goals into reality, benefiting of a leading-edge Digital Marketing, Digital Analytics, and Design Services, and by having Content Creators, Graphic Designers, Videographers, Photographers, and Strategists among the closest collaborators.